Elisabeth Anne Colette
Elisabeth Anne Colette


Elisabeth anne Colette

Homegrown out of the midwest, I've brought empathy, passion, and zest for life to New York as a publicist, partnerships manager, and event coordinator. My goal is to connect all aspects of my life into my work and passion for the elements of style.

Specializing in events and partnerships work as well as public relations, project management, and production, my background spans fashion, beauty, and wellness to encapsulate a holistic realm of lifestyle. In all of my projects, I seek the very intentional ways we as humans approach our lives and the way we represent ourselves. I channel this ethos into each project and brand presence that I take on.

Anne Colette Management seeks to help women and brands achieve their goals and navigate today’s confusing digital landscape, striking the balance between passion and strategy to create projects that emulate their vision and goals.